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Intellectual Property Rights


Intellectual Property Rights

Q What is the context  ?

The US Trade Representative (USTR) said in a report released last month that India was one of the most challenging major economies as far as IP protection and enforcement is concerned.

Q What is a Patent?

Q What is Indian Patent Regime?

 Indian patents are governed by the Indian Patent Act of 1970.

Various agreements

Q What are Issues raised about India ?

  1. India’s inconsistencies regarding patent protection
  2. Concerns about what can be patented
  3. Waiting time for obtaining patents
  4. Burdensome reporting requirements and
  5. Doubts about data safety
  6. Trademark counterfeiting and secrets

Q What are the Contention of the US ? 

Patents Evergreening

Q What Doha Declaration on TRIPS Agreement ?

Q What are the key provisions of Doha Agreement ?

Q What are the positive steps taken by India ?

Q What are Intellectual Properties are what are its various types ? 

Types of IP:

(1) Copyright

(2) Patents

Discussed above

(3) Trademarks

(4) Geographical Indications

(5) Trade secrets

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