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Q. If Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) wants to remain as relevant and look toward a new phase of Asia-Pacific economic integration, it must include India as its member. Comment.

Model Answer APEC was established in 1989 as an intergovernmental platform for 21 Pacific Rim member economies to promote free-trade in the region. The grouping is facing the heat of unilateralism and protectionism. Competition and divergence in the form of US-China tensions was on full display at the 2018 APEC summit As a result, a debate pertaining to the question of the forum’s

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About: Antitrust laws, Laws drafted by European Union

Explained: Targeting Big Tech in US, EU In News Recently, the European Union (EU) has issued two draft digital-services laws that could increase scrutiny (inspection) over big technology (Big Tech) companies. The UK regulator, Competition and Markets Authority has also announced its own plans to put limits on major technology companies. Around the same time in the United States, the federal government

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