About Leader of Opposition

About Leader of Opposition No provision for LoP in Constitution: There is no provision in the Constitution or even in the Lok Sabha Rules of Procedure in regard to the recognition of the Leader of Opposition (LoP). By norm, second largest party with 10% of the seats was LoP: Right from the first Lok Sabha, the … Continue reading About Leader of Opposition


About Mekedatu dam project

About Mekedatu dam project Being set up by the Karnataka government, the project is near Mekedatu, in Ramanagaram district, across the river Cauvery from Tamil Nadu. Its proposed capacity is 48 TMC (thousand million cubic feet). Its primary objective is to supply drinking water to Bengaluru and recharge the groundwater table in the region.     Background … Continue reading About Mekedatu dam project


Mangroves Mangroves are salt-tolerant plants. They are present in tropical and subtropical inter-tidal regions of the world. The specific regions where these plants occur are termed as 'mangrove ecosystem'. They are highly productive but extremely sensitive and fragile.   Threats to the Mangroves The threats to the mangrove ecosystem could be broadly grouped into two: … Continue reading Mangroves

NOTA and RS Election

What is NOTA? None of the above (NOTA) is a ballot option in some jurisdictions or organizations, designed to allow the voter to indicate disapproval of all of the candidates in a voting system. The idea behind the use of NOTA is to allow the voter to register a “protest” vote if none of the … Continue reading NOTA and RS Election

National Commission for Minorities

National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 The National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 was enacted in 1992 for the effective implementation of safeguards for the protection of the interests of Minorities. The Act extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It empowers the Union Government to set up the … Continue reading National Commission for Minorities


Lingayats They are the worshippers of Lord Shiva. The community derives its name from the pendant of the Shivalinga, the symbol of Siva, worn by its members in a chain around their neck. They are spread across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and other States. They do not believe in birth-based caste system and superstition( … Continue reading Lingayats

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution: Noise pollution refers to the presence of noise or sound to such a level in the environment that is disturbing, irritating and annoying to living beings. Factors responsible for Noise Pollution: Urbanisation Industrialisation Growth in Population Poverty & Illiteracy Non-Cooperation of Governmental Agencies Customs, Festivals or Religious Ceremonies Sources: The sources of noise … Continue reading Noise Pollution