IPCC Report: Climate Change and Land

Headline : Food supply is at dire risk: UN Details : In News IPCC has released a new report on Climate Change and Land. It is the second in the series of three special reports that the IPCC is preparing during the current Sixth Assessment Report cycle. This is the first IPCC report in which aContinue reading “IPCC Report: Climate Change and Land”

About: Climate Risk Index (CRI)

About: Climate Risk Index (CRI) The global CRI, analyses impacts of extreme weather events – both in terms of the fatalities (deaths) as well as the economic losses. However, the index does not consider slow-onset events like rising sea levels, glacier melting or ocean warming and acidification. The index is based on data from the Munich Re NatCatSERVICE11, whichContinue reading “About: Climate Risk Index (CRI)”