About 3D Printing

Govt readies 3D printing policy for local firms to join new global market In News The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) will soon come up with a policy aimed at promoting 3D printing on an industrial scale. Objectives of the policy The policy will help to develop an ecosystem for design, development and deployment ofContinue reading “About 3D Printing”

August Week-4, Q&A and CA

1) What is the economics behind e-vehicle batteries? https://upscexpress.com/2019/09/01/what-is-the-economics-behind-e-vehicle-batteries/ 2) Who are the 19 lakh excluded from Assam NRC, and what next for them? https://upscexpress.com/2019/09/01/who-are-the-19-lakh-excluded-from-assam-nrc-and-what-next-for-them/ 3)Science for disaster management Editorial 31st Aug’19 TimesOfIndia https://upscexpress.com/2019/09/01/science-for-disaster-management-editorial-31st-aug19-timesofindia/ 4)hat advantages does 3D printing have over traditional methods of manufacturing? What are its potential applications? https://upscexpress.com/2019/09/01/what-advantages-does-3d-printing-have-over-traditional-methods-of-manufacturing-what-are-its-potential-applications-15-marks/ 5)What are the majorContinue reading “August Week-4, Q&A and CA”

Prelims 2019 : Current Affairs by Sriram’s IAS

Prelims 2019 : Current Affairs by Sriram’s IAS Download Here Covered points: Artificial sun AIIB loan Indo-Russian Rifles Pvt Ltd Strategic sale of Kamarajar Port Limited (KPL) BOLD–QIT in Dhubri, Assam Gandhi Peace Prize ISRO and Reusable Rocket Technology Telegram: https://t.me/SimplifiedIAS

Why a dam in Karnataka bothers Tamil Nadu

Headline : Why a dam in Karnataka bothers Tamil Nadu Details : Why in news? Recently, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister E K Palaniswami wrote to the Prime Minister urging him to stop the process of a feasibility study for the Mekedatu dam project in Karnataka.   About Mekedatu dam project Being set up by the Karnataka government,Continue reading “Why a dam in Karnataka bothers Tamil Nadu”


NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL PRICING AUTHORITY: The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) is a government regulatory agency that controls the prices of pharmaceutical drugs and equipments in India. NPPA is an organization of the Government of India which was established to fix/ revise the prices of controlled bulk drugs and formulations and to enforce prices and availabilityContinue reading “NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL PRICING AUTHORITY:”