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Why the attack in Gadchiroli is significant?

Headline : Why the attack in Gadchiroli is significant? Details : The News The Maoist attack in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district led to the death of 15 Police personnel.   Background This attack in Gadchiroli is another significant event in the long history of Maoist violencein Gadchiroli, where the naxal movement began in 1980. This district has been the hot-bed of naxal

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India and Pak Relation: In Brief : Cross-LoC trade, Intra Kashmir Trade Report

Headline : Explained: LoC trade, in perspective Details : Context of the topic: Last week, the government of India suspended the cross-LoC trade, alleging misuse of the facility by individuals linked to terrorist groups   Theme of the topic: The topic gives a brief account of information about the History of the cross-LoC trade and its objective.   Historical background of

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