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Ban or regulate? Editorial 29th Jul’19 TheHindu

Headline : Ban or regulate? Editorial 29th Jul’19 TheHindu Details : Use of Cryptocurrencies  at this moment in a bit shady: Bitcoin, the most prominent among cryptocurrencies, has fluctuated wildly in value, even over short periods of time. As per some analysts, for now, “speculation remains Bitcoin’s primary use case”. Its use in illegal online marketplaces that deal with drugs and

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Editorial : Agriculture sector

Headline : Time for India to relook the agricultural sector Editorial 30th Mar’19 FinancialExpress Details : India’s progress in agriculture: India has made significant strides in agriculture and food security since independence. It has transformed from a food deficit nation to ensuring its food security despite an almost four-fold increase in population. But time has come to relook at agriculture in India:

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