Everything about Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Headline : Hepatitis B and C major killers, but few know it Details : In News: On the World Hepatitis Day, the Union health minister pledged to join a campaign initiated by the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) to create awareness about the disease. Context of the topic: In India, more people are dying … Continue reading Everything about Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Mrunal’s Handouts on Census, Health, Education and Poverty

Handout 16: - EF6_P1_Census_Health_Edu_Poverty_Batch1 Download Join: https://t.me/SimplifiedIAS

Why the latest Ebola outbreak in Congo is a growing concern?

Headline : Why the latest Ebola outbreak in Congo is a growing concern? Details : News Context Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo has become the second-deadliest in history with 1,220 confirmed and probable cases, including 772 deaths, since Aug 2018. However, despite a worsening Ebola epidemic, the World Health Organization has decided not to … Continue reading Why the latest Ebola outbreak in Congo is a growing concern?

A Rare Opportunity Editorial 11th Apr’19 IndianExpress

Headline : A Rare Opportunity Editorial 11th Apr'19 IndianExpress  Details :  Rare diseases: A rare disease affects a small percentage of people. Most rare diseases are chronic and severe, leading to death or disability. Problems in diagnosis, understanding and treatment: Since these diseases are not found commonly, doctors are typically unaware about them and therefore either … Continue reading A Rare Opportunity Editorial 11th Apr’19 IndianExpress

Everything about Autism

Headline : AIIMS doctors develop application to help in timely diagnosis of autism  Details :  The News In the backdrop of the World Autism Awareness Day, doctors at AIIMS have developed a mobile app for early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. World Autism Awareness Day is observed on April 2 every year. About the App The … Continue reading Everything about Autism

Objectives of Ayush Mission

The Government has launched the National AYUSH Mission with the objectives of:  providing cost effective AYUSH Services, with a universal access through upgrading AYUSH Hospitals and Dispensaries,  co-location of AYUSH facilities at Primary Health Centres (PHCs), Community Health Centres (CHCs) and District Hospitals (DHs),  strengthening institutional capacity at the state level through … Continue reading Objectives of Ayush Mission

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)

. Consider the following statements about National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) 1.     It functions under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution 2.     It fixes/revises the prices of controlled bulk drugs and formulations Select the correct statements a     1 Only b     2 Only c      Both 1 and 2 d     … Continue reading National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)